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A little about Kaohsiung....

Kaohsiung, located in the southwest part of the country is Taiwan's second city having a population of about 1.5 million.

Kaohsiung's industrial past is still prevalent, but there are a surprising amount of places to see and things to do for tourists as well as the business travelers and engineers that visit Kaohsiung for work related trips.

Kaohsiung's climate is hot in the summer months but from October to March the weather can be quite perfect with few cold days and little rain.

The Kaohsiung city government has over the last few years been vastly improving the appearance of the city with many new parks, the opening of the harbour on many fronts and the cleaning and beautifying of the Love River, which is actually quite beautiful now - especially at night. Combine this with the friendly people, mountains, a picturesque fishing harbour, beaches, great hiking, eating, markets and a thriving night life make Kaohsiung a somewhat hidden gem and a not too bad place to live or spend some time in

Visitor comments: "I was shocked to see how Kaohsiung has changed in recent years".

"Having not visited Kaohsiung for ten years the change I saw was quite hard to believe when I visited in 2005.

"I found my recent visit to Kaohsiung very rewarding - for me, there was much more to see and do than in Singapore." "I have no idea why Kaohsiung is not on the backpackers trail...plenty to see and do."

"I intended to stay in Kaohsiung  a day and a night, but ended up staying a month in a Kaohsiung Backpackers! Loved the hiking so near to the city!

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